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 Template letter for SAR ESA

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PostSubject: Template letter for SAR ESA   Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:58 pm

This is a simple template letter to use for your SAR. Pay attention to the areas in red, as they will need your personal details or a bit of tweaking to suit your situation:

Subject Access Request

FAO: Freedom of Information Team – SAR (put this in the subject bar)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref: put your NI number here

DOB: put your DOB here

I wish to request the following information as a Subject Access Request:

Please forward ALL information pertaining to my WCA that took place on (insert date here), as well as ALL documentation (including the Audit Data Trail) you have regarding this assessment from my last ESA50 up to the present day. This should include, but not be restricted to, the following:

The ESA50

The ESA85

The ESA65

ESA85 (s)

The ESA113

All the medical information the HCP used to make their opinion

All the medical information the DWP Decision Maker used to make their decision



Please make sure that you include the HCP’s full name, title/ qualification, and GMC or NMC registration number.

I look forward to your speedy response.


Mr/Mrs XYZ

Email to: freedom-of-information-request@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

Read more: http://fightback.boards.net/thread/873/template-letter-sar-esa#ixzz3JbpnPx6p
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Template letter for SAR ESA
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