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 Advise Tips when dealing with DWP/Atos

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PostSubject: Advise Tips when dealing with DWP/Atos   Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:56 pm

Advise Tips when dealing with DWP/Atos

Always Ask to Speak to an ESA Expert Decision Maker!

Advice tips 1) always conclude any correspondence with the fact you will not give personal info over the phone based on government advice concerning identity theft etc.!!!!!!

Ask for all correspondence to be conducted via letters!!!!!!. These can potentially be used as evidence later at tribunal etc. Also the DWP will try to belittle your case or bully you into not forwarding your case to tribunal on the phone i.e. you have no chance you have a very weak case etc (again record it if you can/or write it down). One trick is to send them a letter back recounting the conversation to them and asking them to write to you confirming you account. They wont do this but again it can be used in your appeal if relevant or to submit a complaint to DWP for misconduct etc.

If you have to contact them by phone or they contact you, always ask for the clerks name and where they are located , Make a note of this, demand everything in writing, try not to engage yourself in in depth conversation over the phone with DWP!!!!!

2) Photocopy everything you send to them.

3) Do everything in written form, when you reply to them, always open your letters thus, Dear Sir/Madam , Thank you for your correspondence of 01/01/12 etc I received this on 03/01/12 etc , then compose your letter .

4) every letter you receive from them add the date you received this in pen at the top of the letter

How to deal with the Decision Maker

Just lately we have noticed a change in the way some cases are being dealt with, particularly those where the DM finds in favour of the HCP and suspends benefit payments.

We think the “new” method has a sinister purpose which is the removal of the ESA85 which the DWP now view as a dangerous weapon which, we can use against the corrupt ATOS HCP and DWP DM.

Here is an example

In this case the client has been asked and has attended a work capability assessment with ATOS. Having been assessed the HCP sends a brief explanation of why he feels this person is fit for work to the decision maker at the DWP.

The DWP then send out a copy of this brief letter to the claimant explaining a DM will call them sometime in the next week to discuss their decision with the claimant.

During the call (which will be recorded) the DM vaguely states why he has reached his decision and tries to talk the claimant into admitting they are either;
(a) fit for “some” type of work or
(b) No longer want to carry on to the appeals stage.

Our advice is to listen to the DM carefully and if given the opportunity to agree with them or speak during the conversation you say something like.

“I dispute your decision and would like my case to be forwarded to the Tribunals Service”.

“I have no intention of withdrawing my appeal neither do I accept your decision”.

The DM may well imply that the letter you have is the HCP’s ESA85 report. Tell them you know it isn’t.

Follow either with “Can you please forward a copy of my ESA85 report”

Do not use sentences like “fit for work” in any context or as any part of any sentence. You are not required to say anything else and are not required to enter into any conversations relating to your case with the DM.

We believe the DWP and ATOS know the value of the ESA85 and the damage it is doing to them at Tribunals; when compared with the physical and medical information provided by the claimant and their medical practitioners.

It is essential we all ask for a copy of our ESA85 as a matter of course, you may do so the day after your WCA with ATOS. Do not let them take this valuable asset away from us.!!!!!

And make sure you get the DM’s name if you can record the call.

And Don’t Forget Inform Housing benefit Immediately.

If you are on housing/ council tax benefit contact your council benefit section and inform them you are appealing that way they suspend your benefit and put it on hold untill you get on the appeal assessment rate.

Most importantly photocopy everything you send the DWP and if funds permit send everything recorded delivery as the system is at breaking point and they tend to lose a lot of stuff and when things do go missing it is your fault not theirs.

If Atos phone you for an impromptu medical assessment Say Resounding NO

Someone on the forum mentioned phone calls from ATOS asking them to attend an assessment ? I can confirm it is true, I have just received a call from ATOS asking me if I would like to attend an assessment tomorrow ? my answer was an emphatic NO, she followed on by saying well how about attending an assessment on Wednesday then ? again I sad NO, she said why not ? and I said because I want it in writing please, and followed on by saying there will be no problems receiving a letter from ATOS because I have never failed to receive any letters from ATOS unlike the reverse when everything people send to ATOS seems to get lost.

These phone calls are for the (so they think) mugs they think will accept a last minute assessment because they are obviously double booking, they have sent so many letters out to people to attend an assessment, but some of them are not turning up for their assessment so they think they can get people in there with no written evidence to prove they have an assessment, if they meet there quota for the day the rest will get turned away when it suits them.

Atos Customer Relations
Tel: +44 (0) 113 230 9175
Email: customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com
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Advise Tips when dealing with DWP/Atos
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