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PostSubject: COMMONLY USED BENEFITS ABBREVIATIONS BY Dept of Work & Pensions (DWP)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:07 am


AA Attendance Allowance

BDO Benefit Delivery Office

BDC Benefit Delivery Centre.

BEL Benefit Enquiry Line

BL Budgeting Loan

CA Carer's Allowance

CAA Constant Attendance Allowance

CAB Citizens Advice Bureaux

CB Child Benefit

CBEP Child Benefit Extension Period

CCG Community Care Grant

CL Crisis Loan

CLA Community Legal Advice {formerly Community Legal Services. CLS)

CMS Customer Management System (DWP system for computerised processing of benefit claims.( Will also be used by LAs for HB/CTB )

CPAG Child Poverty Action Group

CPN Community Psychiatric Nurse.

CTC Child Tax Credit

CTB Council Tax Benefit

CWP Cold Weather Payment

DBC Disability Benefits Centre

DBU Disability Benefits Unit

DDA Disability Discrimination Act

DEA Disability Employment Advisor

DfES Department for Education and Skills

DHP discretionary housing payment

DIAL Disability Information and Advice Line

DLA Disability Living Allowance
Components are:-
HRC Higher Rate Care
MRC Middle Rate Care
LRC Lower Rate Care
HRM Higher Rate Mobility
LRM Lower Rate Mobility

DH Disability Handbook (used by DM's and tribunal members to help assess DLA claims)

DM Decision Maker ( formerly Adjudication Officer)

DMG Decision Makers Guide

DP Disability Premium

DQPM Disability Qualified Panel Member (DLA Tribunals)

DSA Disabled Students' Allowance

DSS Department of Social Security (now DWP)

DWP Department of Work and Pensions

EEA European Economic Area

EEC European Economic Community

EDP Enhanced Disability Premium

EMP Examining Medical Practitioner

ESA Employment and Support Allowance ( replaced IB for new claimants from 27 October 2008) With ESA there are two types of allowance. Contribution based (CB) and Income Based (IB). More HERE

FQPM Financially Qualified Panel Member (Appeals Tribunal, sits only on cases involving overpayment of benefit0

GB Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)

GL24 The form used if you want to appeal a benefit decision.

GP General Practitioner

HB Housing Benefit

HCP Healthcare Professional.

HMRC Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (formerly Inland Revenue)

HRP Home Responsibilities Protection

HRT Habitual Residence Test

IAP Intensive Activity Period

IB50 the form you fill in to assess whether you are incapable of work, for benefit purposes.

IB Incapacity Benefit

IDB Industrial Death Benefit

IIDB industrial injuries disablement benefit

ILF Independent Living Fund

IR Inland Revenue

IS Income Support

JSA Job Seekers Allowance, this is actually 2 benefits,
JSAIB Job Seekers Allowance Income Based (means-tested)
JSACB Jobs Seekers Allowance Contribution Based (based on NI Record).

LIMA Logic Integrated Medical Assessment ( a computer based medical for IB claimants used by Atos doctors and other health care professionals who do medicals
e.g. nurses)

LQPM Legally Qualified Panel Member (Appeal Tribunals, would be the panel chairman)

MA Maternity Allowance

MQPM Medically Qualified Panel Member (Appeal Tribunals)

NHS National Health Service

NI National Insurance

NIC National Insurance Contributions

NINO National Insurance Number

PAYE Pay as you earn

PC Pension Credit, there are 2 parts to this,
PCSC Pension Credit Savings Credit
PCGC Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (basically IS for the over 60s)

PCA Personal Capability Assessment

PIW Period of Incapacity for Work

PO Presenting Officer (the DM who attends a tribunal, if one does attend, they don't always)

PS Pension Service

RA Retirement Allowance

REA Reduced Earnings Allowance

Reg Regulation in a set of Regulations

RPP Right Payments Programme

S2P Second State Pension

SP State Pension

SDA Severe Disablement Allowance

SDP Severe Disability Premium

SERPS State Earnings Related Pension Scheme

SF Social Fund

SOR Statement Of Reasons (Detailed Information on how a benefits decision was reached)

SAP Statutory Adoption Pay

SMP Statutory Maternity Pay

SPP Statutory Paternity Pay

SSP Statutory Sick Pay

TS Tribunals Service

UK United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man)

WCA Work Capability Assessment (replaces PCA for ESA Claimants)

WFP Winter Fuel Payment

WRA Work Related Activity. (Training, education, work placements and health improvement tasks,which will be part of the ESA claim conditions for most claimants)

WRAC Work-related activity component.

WRAG Work-related activity group.

WRO/A Welfare Rights Officer or Adviser.

WTC Working Tax Credit

WP Widows Pension

WPA Widowed Parent's Allowance

Service Personnel and Veteran Agency Terms: (formerly Veteran's Agency)

SPVA Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (formerly known as VA Veterans Agency)

WPS – War Pension Scheme

WP – War Pension(er) or

WDP – War Disablement Pension(er)

VA&PC – Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee

WPMS – War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

WPCAA – War Pensioners Constant Attendance Allowance

ALSO – Allowance for Lowered Standard of Occupation

UNSUPP – Unemployability Supplement

CA – Comforts Allowance or Clothing Allowance

ESDA – Exceptionally Severe Disability Allowance

SDOA – Severe Disablement Occupational Allowance

AA – Age Allowance

TA – Treatment Allowance

PtTA- Part-time Treatment Allowance

1stTT – First Tier Tribunal

WW – War Widow(er)

AFPS75 – Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975

AFPS05 – Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005

AFCS – Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

GIP- Guaranteed income Payment

PIC – Principal Invaliding Condition

SIP – Service invaliding Pension

SAP – Service Attributable Pension

DAP – Discretionary Awards Panel

DAAP – Discretionary Awards Appeal Panel
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