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 Disabled rights

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PostSubject: Disabled rights   Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:47 pm

The focus is currently on the disabled and rightly so, with over a thousand killed by ATOS and the DWP (and counting) their plight is genuine.

It seems to me that they're being discreetly "sterilised" from society by a financial eugenics program.

The rest of us have been taught that if we were to fall ill we'd suffer the same fate as them. So this issue affects everyone in society.

We now know that if anyone falls down in Britain, they're not going to be helped up, they're going to get trampled to death. Any one of us could fall seriously ill, develop a mental illness or suffer an accident which renders us disabled and if we do, we'll get snuffed out by ATOS and the DWP too.

So it's urgent that we all fight this problem together.

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PostSubject: Re: Disabled rights   Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:52 pm

Did you know that a government policy is lining a private company?s pockets under the guise of getting sick and disabled people off benefits and back to work through the use of suspected anecdotal and subjective medical examinations

There is a backlog of over 40,000 appeals relating to the disputes in findings and decisions made. With at least a third of appeals being successful that means over 13,000 of these examinations will have been put forward due to the ?issues with reports? of the outside contractor Atos who charge a reported ?80 each for the examinations and that is over a ?1m of tax payers wasted based on the backlog alone. In reality the figure is far higher but the exact number is difficult to obtain as DWP stopped supplying them in 2003. There have been indications that well over 1.3 million examinations that have taken place since 2008 but once again in reality it may be far higher as the medical sector of Atos generated ?140m in 2009.

The Medical Examiner who works for Atos sets the period for repeat medicals and has issued provisional recommendations when claimants will never be fit to work again and who gets to perform the medical at a cost to the taxpayer, Atos

Atos is the same contractor who mislaid a memory stick with details of government website logins and passwords.

Business for Atos in the UK grew by some 15% in real terms during 2009 and it?s operating profit margin in the Medical BPO sector (UK only) grew by well over 50% where as every main European market shrank from between 3% and 13%. Where is this company based, France

I for one would be interested to see the shareholder details of this multi billion euro company and the reasons why it?s business is growing in he UK while it is shrinking in it?s other core markets

There are many victims of hardship due to the ?issues with reports? in which the appeal by a claimant has been successful and repeat business of medicals for Atos and the government and assemblies are giving them more public contract business.

Have you had a hardship due to a bias medical. Don't be afraid and don't stay silent and put your story on the web you don't have to give your name so they can't come after you. If you have been misrepresented or indeed there is wholesale inaccuracies in the medical report then don?t just take it and wait for the appeal, take it the Atos and the GMC directly as at the end of the day the medical professionals can get paid upwards of ?4000 per week to carry out examinations of which the outcome could have a dramatic affect on the claimants lives and can place them at risk when ?issues? occur.
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PostSubject: Re: Disabled rights   Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:56 pm

I'm sure the decision makers have a nice non-executive or consulting position lined up with ATOS in a few years time. I can see no valid explanation to hand over contracts to ATOS seeing the consistent failures ATOS have demonstrated in recent years relating to disability assessments. I wouldn't employ Schettino as a cruise ship captain, I wouldn't employ G4S for security, yet our government institutions seem to do no due diligence or are even remotely aware of current news regarding these companies.

A database of interests, linking former civil servants and MPs to companies they awarded contracts to should be introduced. It might take ten years for the pat on the back to happen, but no one tracks this at the moment.

Little men down through the ages have always attacked the weakest members of society, those least able to fight back. The coalition is full of such ' little ' men . Gove, IDS (the quiet man!) Clegg the bendy man and of course Cameron , Osbourne and Alexander the Yes Man. Notice the difference in tone they took when tackling Rupert Murdock. First they lauded him, then at Leveson they tried to protect him and now Boris Johnson tries to rehabilitate both Murdock and the greedy bankers. Of course the nasty apart of this is that these mainly rich and privately educated men know exactly what they are doing. Divert attention from themselves and their own wealth and failings by pouring approbation on a small unprotected group. Germany once had a group of small men who did the same trick. It would be wrong to claim that the former is equal to the latter, but the tactics are similar and many innocent people will suffer. Educated people should be ashamed of themselves for using such tactics, with the help of a right wing media and obviously a number of educated medics. Its a disturbing sight to behold and Liberal Democrats rank and file must be sick to their stomach that their leaders have enabled this attack on the sick to have happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Disabled rights   

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Disabled rights
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